June 18, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
near Mead

A more diverse crop rotation can play a fundamental role in managing yield limiting factors, increase resilience to extreme weather, and distribute workload. Join Nebraska Extension on Tuesday, June 18 for the Eastern Nebraska Wheat, Pulse, and Double Crop Field Day. The field day will be held at the Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center near Mead located at 1071 County Road G in Saunders County.

The program starts at 9:00 am and runs to 4:00 in the afternoon in Tuesday, June 18. Registration starts at 8:30 with coffee and donuts served. In the morning, there will be short presentations on winter wheat, pulses, and double crop production in eastern Nebraska including a panel discussion with some local producers. Lunch will be catered by Parker’s Smokehouse. In the afternoon, attendees will head out for plot tours and demos.

The event is free to attendee thanks to grants and sponsors. We do ask you pre-register by Friday, June 14, online at http://croptechcafe.org/wheatpulsefieldday/ or call the Dodge County Extension Office at 402-727-2775 to ensure we have enough food for all.

Speakers and topics for the first morning session on winter wheat include:
· Nebraska Wheat Board Update from Royce Schaneman, Executive Director of Nebraska Wheat
· The Word on Wheat with Dr. Nathan Mueller, Cropping System Educator
· UAV or Drone Work in Wheat with Dr. Yeyin Shi, Ag Information Systems Engineering Assistant Professor

Speakers and topics for the second morning session on pulses include:
· The Pulse on Peas by Alex Rosa and Sam Koeshall, UNL Graduate Students
· Double Cropping Short Season Crops and Forages after Field Peas with Dr. Mary Drewnoski and Alex Rosa
· Eating Wheat and Pulse Products: Health Benefits with Beth Nacke, Registered Dietician
· Eastern Nebraska wheat, pulse, and double crop grower panel

After lunch, plot tours and demonstrations run from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. Tours and demonstrations include:
· Pulse crop variety trial walk-through and discussion
· Double crop Q and A
· Winter wheat variety trial walk-through and discussion
· Wheat diseases ID and discussion
· Nitrogen and sulfur fertilization study
· Drone and sensor demo in wheat

Again to get pre-registered for the Eastern Nebraska Wheat, Pulse Crop, and Double Crop Field Day this on Tuesday, June 18 near Mead, please call the Dodge County Extension Office at 402-727-2775 or pre-register online at http://croptechcafe.org/wheatpulsefieldday/ .