August 15, 2019 all-day

The Scottsbluff Police Department would like to remind the public that with school starting this week to remember the following tips-

  • Parents should talk with their children and remind them to cross the streets at the cross walks after traffic both directions have come to a stop.
  • Motorists are reminded of the school zone speeds of 15mph when children are present.
  • The new speed limit on 27th street from Broadway to 5th Avenue is 20mph during all hours and the police department will be strictly enforcing this limit.
  • Crossing guards are located at the following intersections
  • West 17th/Avenue I
  • 5th Avenue/Highway 26
  • 5th Avenue/East 20th Street
  • 9th Avenue/East Overland
  • 24th Street/Avenue B
  • 27th Street/3rd Avenue

From Chadron Police, this reminder on School Bus Safety:

When a school bus is stopped, displaying flashing red signal lights, and has a stop signal arm extended, any vehicle approaching from the front or rear must stop until the red signal lights have been turned off, the stop signal arm is retracted, and the bus resumes moving. Penalty for violation of this statute is a $500.00 fine plus court cost and points will be assessed on the violator’s operator’s license.