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Beef Improvement Federation online symposium
Beef Improvement Federation online symposium
Jun 11 all-day
It was announced on April 2 the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) board of directors, along with the Florida 2020 BIF Research Symposium and Convention committee, made the decision to transition this year’s conference to an[...]
NE Corn Board meeting
NE Corn Board meeting
Jun 11 all-day
The Nebraska Corn Board will hold its next meeting on Wednesday, June 10, 2020 and Thursday, June 11, 2020 at the Holthus Convention Center, 3130 Holen Ave., York, Nebraska. The meeting is open to the[...]
Intersection of Cattle & Beef webinar series
Intersection of Cattle & Beef webinar series
Jun 11 all-day
A trio of land grant universities including Texas A&M, North Dakota State University and West Virginia, have come together to host a series of webinars called “The Intersection of the Cattle and Beef Industries” to[...]
NECC Drone Operations course
NECC Drone Operations course
Jun 11 all-day
As more and more unmanned aircraft, particularly multi-rotor UAS (drones), take to the skies, operators must have a deeper understanding of applicable regulations, flight maneuvers, missions planning and safe operations in controlled airspace. A course[...]
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12:00 pm NE Ag and COVID-19 webinar series
NE Ag and COVID-19 webinar series
Jun 11 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
UNL Ag Econ – Farm & Ranch Mgt Team webinar series on COVID-19’s impact on agriculture in Nebraska continues…. Future webinars are scheduled for the month of June, they include:–    Tuesday, June 2, 7 p.m.:[...]